Wooohooo, I got me a canna!

grullablue(5)July 4, 2011

LOL...ok, so I've been drooling over pics of cannas on this board and others...and wanting my own, but the only ones I saw locally didn't look very good. Kinda looked like they might have been virused to me. So I didn't get them. Was hard to do, because they were my favorite...Tropicanna!

But, I had to go into the home improvement store today to pick up another spirea, and there they were....off in the distance...like radar, I spotted them. No, not Tropicanna, these are Canna Australia, but are big and beautiful nonetheless, and look healthy. I'm very excited, and just had to share!

I've done a lot of reading up on what I, as a zone 5-er, have to do to winterize these beautiful plants (digging up and storage), and for their beauty, I'm willing to do that. I had picked up a bag of canna bulbs from a farm store late this spring, just said generic "Giant Canna," and I have a couple growing in my yard....took awhile, but I'm getting nice green leaves, but nothing like those that I like....the purple/burgundies, or tropicanna, bengal tiger or intrigue. This Australia is like intrigue in foliage color, so I like it very much. I don't care what the flower color is, to be honest, it's the foliage I'm in love with. If they didn't flower at all, they'd still be perfect!

Now, to find the most perfect spot to put my canna! I'm so excited! Now...these tubers, they do spread, correct? So I will, with good luck, end up with many, if taken good care of? That's my understanding, is that these do spread. There are a couple of plants coming out of the pot, actually, and what looks like one small one starting to pop up. That, too, tells me these spread. Ohhhh...I'm so excited!

I'm a musa lover too, and found the best forum for that...I see this canna forum isn't very active, any of you canna admirers find any great, and active, canna forums?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I wish you great joy of your cannas. The leaves are so gorgeous, you almost don't need a flower to go with them! Like you, I just recently discovered the fancy leaves--stripes and different colors. Wish I could remember which ones I ordered, but I've forgotten. The leaves are great and they should burst into bloom any day now.

My past experience with canna is that all they need is enough sunshine and water. And yes, all my canna have spread, but being in a different zone, I can't help you with what to do for winter protection.



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I agree....I don't need or care about the flowers, it's the foliage that drew me to them. They're just beautiful!

Mine are getting a lot of sunshine, and the smaller, green "generic" one I grew from a "bulb in a bag" seems to be spreading rapidly now, so I see they do and will spread.

I plan on just digging up the rhyzomes for winter and storing them in the basement is what I plan to do....should be good!

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