Flower buds drying up and falling off

jaceysgranny(7aAR)July 5, 2005


My City of Portland (I think) has lots of buds but most of them are drying up and falling off. The ones that do open aren't staying open for long and aren't as pretty as usual. What do I need to do? I've given them plenty of fertilizer and have tried to keep them watered. It has been very dry without much rain. Could that be the problem?



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My Striped Beauty--who should have been Stuttgart--is doing much much better, after the rains came.
Before that, it was a very sick and poor looking specimen.
Congrats on taking care of your cannas.

bud, rm

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Water, water, water. That should pretty much solve the problem. During the hot months cannas will take all the water you can give 'em and they'll thank you for it.


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Thanks ya'll. Today I had a normal bloom on a different stalk. I love this Canna whatever it is! The color and size are just perfect.


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RM, my "Stuttgart" turned out to be a plain leaved green variety! I got it from ebay. Is that where yours came from too? There were two in the package and one of them was rotten when i got it and never came up.


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