Summer started...

stanofhMay 5, 2010

It's as summer as it gets in the eastbay-mid 70's high,low to mid 50's lows..Now,its fertilizing and repotting time. Time to dig up and transplant the subtropical things. I just did a plant that happened to be between cats and where they wanted to go-too many broken stems resulted. Now,safely potted.

In the veggie garden, seeds from last years unharvested zukes are sprouting..No need to buy them.

And the soil is perfect still for weeding...

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The rush is on to get the weeding done and the soil mulched before the winter time moisture is lost. This year the shear quantity of weed growth must be setting a new record. Al

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I gave up on the front zoysia. The oxalis can have it.

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queerbychoice(USDA 9a/Sunset 8 (CA))

Summer starts when my spring annuals die of drought. Since they're drowning before the drought can get to them, they won't be around to die of drought. Therefore, summer will not arrive at all this year.

I need to re-mulch the back, weed the front, move/remove some ugly landscaping rock in the side yard, plant everything that's currently potted, and construct an experimental bridge over the drainage ditch. The rock is the part that I'm dreading, but it has to be done soon so I can plant my newest golden currant there.

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QBC,you have an exceptional vernal pool yard!
Here,I'm watering again..not much,but just trying to keep things steady before deep summer gets here...
Rain on Moms day? darn el nino wont give up!

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

QBC we moved to a house in the '70's that had hideous red lava rock 'mulch' in all the front beds. i paid the smaller neighborhood kids some money per bucket full (and also ice cream when they finished the job) to get the rocks out and it was worth every penny since the kids were already closer to the ground than i was.

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