Pure white rose

diane_v_44(Z6)July 23, 2014

I have a spot near my back door in a very showy flower bed there

I have in this bed Mostly Japanese Tree Peonies and some roses

I put in a very fragrant perennial that was pretty and I don't remember the name of it bit it was a spreader and I have hopefully dug it all out this year

I do not remember any longer the names of the roses nor tree peonies
But everything in this bed is strong, healthy and now well established

I would like though a good white rose. Maybe even two of them for the spot cleared

Not a fussy one, but something upright and strong.
Although this flower bed is not in bloom all summer it remains good looking because of the foliage

Appreciate suggestions

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darn not even a single reply
oh my

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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Hi, you'd be better off asking on the rose or antique rose forum as there are many white roses.

From what I understand you want a hardy, no fuss rose.

Is fragrance important to you?

Do you care for remontancy (rebloom?)

Simple, double or many petaled rose?

Alba roses are a good candidate for your spot. Most Albas are white, some are blush. They are tall, upright and some have lovely blue grey leaves and lovely hips to follow. They flower once a year only, depending the weather 2 to three weeks.

I grow Alba semi-plena myself. Beautiful rose, blue grey foliage, fragrant semi double flowers, and lovely hips. It flowered the 2nd year and it grew 6 feet tall. It is hardy to zone 3.

Others could be
Mme. Legras St. Germain/ Mme Plantier, (which I believe are thornless)
Alba Maxima is like semi-plena only the flowers are double.

Other rose suggestions can be:
I haven't grown these and I believe they are much smaller roses, compared to the Albas.

Botzaris (Damask)
Blanc de Vibert (Damak portland - Recurrent)
Blanc double de Coubert (Rugosa - Recurrent)
Marie Pavié (Small - Polyantha -Recurrent)

to name a few.

You can use the Pickering site or Cornhill Nursery to check for their availability.

And helpmefind and the rose forums for more info and help.

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True Blue

thanks for the trouble you took to post about a white rose for my particular needs

I have not purchased one yet. Need some knee surgery done and it has not yet been set, as to a date
So some jobs have been just put off as in choosing a white rose
I did put into the bed another very gorgeous Japanese tree peony, white And happy about that find

Have not so much as looked seriously at the roses you suggested.
Not slipped my mind though I just have not done so. Is a good summer for roses it seems Mine that I do have are looking just fabulous.

I know I could have looked at other sites as you suggested just preferred to look at our own little Canadian Forum

Thanks for your post to me

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)


When you reply can you also tell us how big of a space you intend to fill, how tall you would like the rose to be and maybe a picture of the spot? As well how much sun does this spot get?

Have a great day.


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thanks for sending along an email to my note on a white rose
Not going to be a big space really
Just a spot ,, but a show spot, for one or two roses

I don't like things crowded

I am having serious knee trouble this summer To much digging and moving rocks and sod and bags of mulch etc on my own
Over the last few years

But good looking gardens
This year though am hobbling around and trying to push through with doctors to get surgery done on the knee
Much appreciate though a suggestion of what you think

I am in Barrie Ontario We get lots of snow normally iin winter which is good. My garden is sheltered where the roses are with lots of sunshine full sunshine but bordered by huge old evergreens.l

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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Diane, you're most welcome.

I hope you get the operation you need and your knees get better :-)
Just wanted to let you know that Pickering is not selling roses this year.

There are Palatine (3 roses minimum) and Hortico. Gardenimport also sells roses, but mostly Kordes.

I forgot to mention the Hybrid Musk roses. They are mostly fragrant, and depending where you grow them have 2/3 flushes. You can grow them in part shade or full sun.
Here are 3 very fragrant white ones:

Henry Hudson, Louise Bugnet are hardy Canadian roses.


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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

For a show spot your probably going to want a recurrent rose, or maybe not.

Iceberg is a very popular floribunda that may do well for you.

While I love the hybrid musks Pax is the only one I would consider a (more) true white. Penelope, for me, starts as a light salmon then fades white and moonlight a light yellow that fades to white.

There are lots of roses that start off an off white then fade to white. Are you looking for pure white, white petals with yellow stamens, fades to white etc :-)

While there are less whites to choose from than others there is still a very large selection to choose from.

Morden Snowbeauty is another shrub hardy white.

I tend to prefer OGR roses so roses like 'Semi-plena' 'Stanwell Perpetual' 'Boule de Neige' 'Suaveolens' etc are more my fancy in whites.


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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

SCG I was considering Moonlight myself. The flower remind me of Alba semi-plena.

Can you tell me if it is very fragrant or does it waft like Felica? How big are the flowers?



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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Bob, I can not really comment too much because it is the first year I am growing it and the deer got to it a month ago. It now has buds again so I am hoping for a little fall flush. I am going to say the blooms were a bit bigger than Felicia and about the same as Penelope....but neither bloomed at the same time for an accurate comparison. I will be able to tell you more in a few weeks :). It did have a nice scent. Next year I can comment more on that.


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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Thanks a lot SCG for your prompt response, sorry for your deer problem.

I grow both Felicia and Ballerina (No scent). They both have two big flushes. One in June and another one late August, Early september. Ballerina is normally in flower most of the time, but this year mine has been a bit lazy. Ballerina bleaches in hot weather/ sun and becomes white, but with cool weather it regains it's pink.

Looking forward to your update.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Not to hijack this thread but Ballerina is on my list for this year. Deer devastated over half my gardens this year so comparisons are hard, as well I am mostly a newbie at OGR's having a mere 45 in the ground and most are of the most recent.

Have a great day


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Thanks for the info and enjoying the conversation

I did plant Iceberg in that area once before, two of them For some reason they just did not thrive. Surprised me

Now I purchased on sale a couple of days ago 75% off from one of our local garden centres John F Kennedy Have not looked it up yet . think I did grow it years ago
at another property but can not remember the rose

Am going over near Hortico in the next week will stop in there to have a look at what they might have that is on the list you have given me.
Having some fine weather here Lots of rain and not maybe enough sunshine Tomatoes are not ripening enough but good for roses and many other perennials and for sure good for the grass.

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Felicia nor Ballerina would be right for the spot I have in mind
Just looked them up

But I do have a spot in front of the hose where Ballarina might be very good and the colour is good for the spot

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

So you know Felicia, while beautiful, tends to nod. So if your not a fan of nodding roses she may not be for you. Penelope holds her blooms a little more erect.

If iceberg didn't thrive in that spot is there a chance it didn't get enough sun? If so, my impression is Hybrid Musks are one of the best for shade. As well the climber Madame Alfred Carriere may work, I have her and she has creamy white blooms with good scent. I also hear, and hope, alba's can tolerate some shade.

Sir Thomas Lipton and Snowdon are another couple of Rugosa's that may do well.

True-Blue, I find it interesting you didn't find Felicia to have much scent. For me I could smell her as I approached, she might have had 20 blooms then.

Prosperity is another white Hybrid musk I am thinking of getting for next year.

Roses are far too addicting.


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no not the problem had full sun and great soil . Might have just been the two plants
What do you think about my choice of John F. Kennedy

What I get so happy about more so are
Dahlias and Brugmansia

Just I find getting older that as for Dahlias
I have them either growing in huge pots and bring them into my sun room for winter Which as I become older is not so easy to do
Or take them up and put them into bags, paper bags generally but then my problem is where to keep them over winter
Have a much smaller home that I used to have and either everywhere is to hot or to cold.

Brugmansia has been as well along time favourite
My husband and I, he now deceased bought this place in Florida so he could golf all year and I could garden
We where each quite happy with the decision for sure.
I don't grow Dahlias there I don't think it would work in my particular spot although I have read they originated in Mexico
and up here I find that I can overwinter them in my cold mostly unheated sun room they often don't make it Not sure if it is that no one comes by to water them at all or is just to cold
And I have had some luck with them growing in FLorida but being on their own for about six months is not the best situation either

What is a delight and of great interest to me in recent years in Florida are Bromeliads and really neat unusual Begonias. The begonia family is very interesting indeed and they both do just fine without my being there As long as I have them in the right spot.
Even orchids I have on the shady side of my house that as well gets some rain a lattice piece and attached to it of all things are orchids Amazes me when I come down the past two years most of them are in bloom and happy. Interesting to garden somewhere completely different that what you have grown up with.

What is not so good about it all is this
getting older part and weary Just when you have time to learn and do things that you want to do there you are, well there I am, just getting old.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Many folks really like JFK. Online I have looked and it looks great and seems to do well. In full sun you might enjoy one of the white Rugosa's.

Have a great day.


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true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

SCG 40 OGRs that's amazing!

Felicia is one of my most fragrant roses. It wafts and has two flushes, mine grows in part shade with 2-3 hours of sun. The scentless was meant for Ballerina.

Also, don't worry Albas, They're very shade tolerant. There are a couple of threads on Antique rose forums, which attest to that. My Semi-plena grows with 2-3 hours of sun and I'm planning to get a couple of more for my dappled shade garden :-)

I'm amazed that you grow Mme. Alfred Carrière. I wouldn't even attempt to grow a noisette here.

Diane, John F. Kennedy seems to be either very hardy or partially hardy to your zone. Just to be on the safe side, you can plant the bud union a 2-4 inches below the soil. That means a lot digging, if not just planted it normally and mulch.

You can grow many roses in Florida. However, from what I understand they must be grafted on Fortuniana rootstock.

I haven't grown Dahlias. But I believe at fall you should dig them up and keep the tubers in peat moss.

We all grow old, it's in the nature of things. It is how we grow old that matters and doing what we love :-)

You can focus on roses, which are reliably hardy and carefree akin your Bromeliads and orchids in Florida.

I haven't grown Bromeliads but I was fascinated at one point with the turquoise Puya. (Puya berteroniana).

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

True-blue ahh okay I was wondering about Felicia for you. I live in a very wooded area but my roses get 5-6 hrs in spring summer and less now.

I am fortunate to have acres to work with, or not lol. Felicia and the alba Suaveleons have been my most vigorous roses this year, even after a serious munching. Rose de Rescht is forming the best mound.

Diane, I have the same problem with Dahlias, no place to store the tubers so I treat them like an annual and purchase them yearly. This year I am making a special thermostatically controlled box to put them in. I would like to get some 'different' ones for next year and don't want to shell out big bucks yearly.

I sit, waiting for my fall flush LOL


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I happen to see your post while browsing. I would recommend Pope John Paul Hybrid Tea Rose. It is a pure white rose with an intense citrus scent. Every bloom is a perfect form and lasts a long time as cut flower. I do not live in Canada so I am not sure of this rose's hardiness. But this rose does really well for me. I like it so much that I order another one.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Kousa yes the PJP II rose is a very well respected rose and thanks for bringing it to our attention. It was over looked, but I am an old rose guy so possibly why..

Glad to see you here


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Thermostatically controlled box for Dahlias Now that interests me very much

I have Dahlias I have had for several years now and love having them bloom each year
Mine have been in bloom, some of them for more than a month The Dahlias that I overwinter in the sunroom, then put out end of April Usually m son comes down, before I am back from Florida, and puts out all the pots, even though it is cold, and cleans up the sun room before I get home. But those pots, even if they do get a frost and it takes off some of the early shoots bloom much earlier than those with dried tubers.

But moving those pots is more difficult each year , for me and I like to do my own stuff not ask for help from anyone. So that container might be a help to me
Could you tell me more about your idea
I have been growing Dahlias for years and years.
Wish you could see some of the tropicals I have in the gardens ln FLorida B oy I never thought I would be growing some of the stuff that I do. Took me several years though of being there to learn what will grow there and do so without to much care for six months.

Going to look up that Puyaberteoniana Bromeliad plant

Did I spell it correctly
You lads are good at plant names

I always don't pay so much attention and forget and mix up labels.

And will look up PJHT that is mentioned above
Nice to have more content on the Canadian forum for sure
I am just away in the car to rescue a 19 year old grandson who is off to University on September 1st

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)


The box will be quite a simple one. It will either be a large rubbermaid tote or similar type box that will be lined with styrofoam insulation, probably 3-4" thick, all the way around. While a bit pricey I use an Emerson thermostat that is easily wired into a short extension cord.

This allows me to plug anything into the extension cord and when the desired temperature is hit it will turn on what ever is plugged into it.

It can be set both for minimum, turns on when temperature drops below setting, or maximum temperature. So, for me, it has many uses. In the spring I use it under my grow lights to have an accurate room temperature or to turn on heat mats for seedlings on fussy plants and in the fall to turn on the cooling system for my meat cooler.

The other bonus is that it has a 7' long wire for the probe so in the case of the dahlia storage box the control box can stay outside and the probe inside.

For a heat source I will probably use a reptile heat pad or one of my seedling heat mats. It won't take much to keep the box warm even at -30C temps.

If you are interested in how to do this I would be willing to make a pictorial step by step. Or if the wiring is the only thing that troubles you I could wire it and ship. With EFT it is very easy to do the cash thing.

Hope that helps


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That is interesting
I had thought already of a container such as you mentioned with a good fitting lid and lining with styrofoam
I could line it myself and then with my whatever you call it gun squeeze Styrofoam kind of stuff into any cracks

Dont know that I would need the heater and would be concerned about having one on our there as no one probably in reality would check on it much and I away half a ear.
How cold would it be where you store your tubers Mine the area I am not sure how ocld i would get but I think not to much below zero My washer and dryer are out there and I keep laundry soap and cleaners so it can not be to cold
I just thought that the tubers being so sealed up might rott Guess there could be brown paper or paper from newpapers etc in the container I will keep your ideas filed for future but not so sure I would want anything like that at this time Very nice that you would actually consider making up something for me. That was much appreciated

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

If you can keep liquids from freezing I am sure your tubers will be fine. I have never successfully overwintered tubers so am only speculating.

Where they are going to be stored is totally unheated so I would expect to have them see temps in the -30C area.

I also do anticipate coating the tubers with an anti fungal as well as going to store them in something like vermiculite or, as you suggested, using something like paper to absorb moisture. I will be around to check on them but knowing me I will forget till spring.

No worries on making it up. Anytime.


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