Egg-laying season

molanic(Zone 5 IL)August 22, 2014

Just curious if anyone has a source with this info or has any records they kept themselves. I have seen listed in some books the number of broods or generations different species will have a year. These generations are staggered of course, but I'm just wondering about the earliest and latest dates for egg laying for the different species in different areas.

I am still finding monarch eggs as recently as a couple of days ago here near Chicago, but nothing else for quite some time. I had a big increase in male and female tiger swallowtails the last couple of weeks. I had hoped to find some eggs on my wafer ash or wild black cherry, but there were no takers. I don't know if it was just too late, or if the plants were not big enough for them?

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We've gotta be nearing the end of egg cycles, because as far as I know, all butterflies that overwinter, overwinter in pupal stage. They have to feed some time (maybe a month or so) to reach that stage.

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Monarchs lay up until the middle of September. Tigers lay if there is host but I've found black swallowtails at third instar as late as October so I don't know but I do know that they have broods but I don't trust what my book says cause I saw a tiger swallowtail practically every day and my book says they have two broods mid May to mid June and then mid July to mid august but I have seen them today and I don't think there is a set time of egg laying.

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