Var canna from seed

miketropicJuly 23, 2014

Grew this from seed and have been impressed with it. Has not flowered yet but should be close. its seems semi stable for now only throwing out solid green stems of 1 in 4

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newest leaf

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Those are some interesting marks on those leaves, do you know the name of the plant the seeds came from?

I love growing Canna from seeds!
I have 6 this year, they are just about ready to put out buds and I cannot wait to see what the flowers look like
...I hope you'll post a followup with blooms! :)

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sherylgallant(Kelowna, BC z6)

Wow, that's beautiful! I's be so thrilled to get something like that from seed! I have grown cannas from seed for years and while I have gotten some red leaves and various flower colours, I have yet to get any stripe or variegation in the leaves.

Is it common to get the stripes if using seed from a striped variety or do they usually revert to solid?

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