Bloom again?

rosefreak(6bNJ)July 10, 2011

Bought "Wyoming" on sale after bloom....will the spike bloom again, or will the plant throw up another spike? The spike looks pretty exhausted, and I don't see any little nubby "eyes" that look like they could sprout, but I'm new to cannas and maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I paid 4.99 for some nice foliage? ;)

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lol, yes they will definitely bloom again, i leave the stock on to get the seeds out of it, but a lot of people trim them back, and sometimes they rebloom on the same stalk.

make sure it gets lots and lots of sun and it will start putting off clones to the side that will bloom shortly.

im in a very sunny location, and mine are planted on a septic tank, so within a month and half of buying a single bulb, its bloomed three separate times....

i planted a larger clump in the front, and its only been out of bloom for a week.

they will definitely rebloom if you give them enough water, fertilizer, and sunlight --- they are a tropical plant and prefer all those in abundance.

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Thanks, jw. Sun and water I've got right now; I'll fertilize too, see if that does it. Too bad I don't have a septic tank though (they took it out.....)

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