Cross your fingers

karyn1(7a)June 26, 2010

I hope that I don't come home to a yard full of dead plants. I'm outta here until the 5th and it's supposed to be over 100 tomorrow and continue really hot until mid week. I can't ask the kid that takes care of my animals to water everything twice a day and I'm just hoping that she can get everything once which might be a stretch. I've come close to canceling my vacation. There's definitely something wrong with that thinking. lol

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I'm with you Karyn, feel the same way. I have a whole week off next week and my sister asked me to go back home with her to NY to see my Dad & my younger sister & her 8 children. She has children that I'd never met, it's been that long since I've seen her. But do you think I'd leave my garden for them? No Way! I must be sick! Well, I have over 60 named Brugs in my garden this year, & I worked hard to get them this big. My gardens would dry up for sure- plants are looking burned if I don't water every day. I will say a prayer for your gardens, I know how important they are to you!

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figara(Ca 9)

Ha,ha,ha ....I am facing the same dilemma. Should I stay or should I go? I'll be leaving for Boston for 2 weeks. My husband will stay home but he is not going to water my plants every day so I spent the last 2 days re-potting everything so they will not dry up so quickly. I still have all kind of seedlings I need to move in bigger pots.

Karen, I'll keep my finger crossed so your plants will not die. Try to relax and enjoy your vacation and family, the plants will be fine.


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Ladies I do hope you all go on vacation, none the less

I understand this as well

For me each year I go to Florida,from Canada, for the winter. Ten years now
Most people hate to be away so long from their grown children and grandchildren. Well there is that as well
But I always feel guilty, when I hear them talking about it, for what I have more concern about is leaving my plants for six months, darn near.
By the time I leave for the south I have put most of the outside garden to bed for winter.
But there are all the pots I have for so many years dragged in to the basement or cold room, now.
My Brugmansia, Calla lilies, Dahlias, Cannas, jasmine, fushia and such.
Before going south I never lost many Brugmansia over winter, Keeping them mostly dormant, yet not completely and rooting new plants.
I have almost had to give up on Brugmansia. As most don't make it.
I have a daughter who lives in my home when I am south, but although she says she will, she never, does water at all.
Some things are okay such as Dahlia and Canna and Calla lilies but not the dear Brugmansa. My dearest love of all plants
I try them in Florida but the same with no one taking care of them for the most part they do not survive. Sometimes Datura do, but not long term.

I do none the less have some gorgeous gardens, here in Canada and down in Florida. Work hard at them and am happy.
Sure would not have stayed in Canada all winter, just to save the Brugmansia plants.
We have to live our lives with people and plants. But people first.

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Diane there's no way I'd stay in Canada during the winter, at least not the Eastern part. I love it during July and Aug but I couldn't imagine what the winters are like. I'm sure it's quite a bit warmer here and I spend part of the winter in West Palm. It's not a problem because DH stays in MD and takes care of everything.

I'm not as worried about the brugs as everything else. If they don't get watered the above ground growth will die but they'll come back. Not so with most of my others. I stashed what I could under the benches of the cooled GH and put others in shade. I just have very little shade but I did put up a few patio umbrellas. I hope we don't get a storm! I'm not worried about plants that are inground. They'll do fine but I have 400+ container plants. Hence the problem with having the neighbor's DD water everything, especially twice a day. Maybe if she didn't have my freakin' menagerie to care for I'd ask but the animals have to take priority. At least the beach is fun and they are calling for nice weather.

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Good luck with your plants, Karyn. I hope they will all be fine. I was only gone for 12 days and boy did my plants need water when I returned. But, some were flowering so that was good. Have a wonderful vacation!

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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, have a wonderful time,
a vacation is very important, I am sure everything will be


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chena(z8 Texas)

Just have a nice time!!!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Go and enjoy your vacation. We have those temps here and most of the time I only water once a day and even have to skip a day occasionally. My container plants make it just fine.

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Have a great trip Karyn. Hopefully you will have nice weather with some light showers while you are away, lol.

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Karyn, I'm going to be gone only 4 days and I'm worried too! I'm leaving my husband home with the cat and the plants and hope he manages to take care of all without hurting them! I think he can manage the cat, it's really the plants I'm worried about. In fact, he only gets to do the plants at home, brugs included. My sister is consenting to drive 1/2 hour to my house to water my vegetable garden down the street. I just don't trust the man!

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