Can someone help ID this pink canna?

wanna_run_fasterJuly 9, 2005

Purchased this unnamed pink canna at wal-mart and it is so absolutely beautiful, I know it will be the first one many. Can anyone ID it for me?

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skygardening(z9 FL)

How tall is it? Is there anything unusual on the stem (a different color than the leaves or a power look)? Are the leaves plain green or another color appearing somewhere? I was thinking "Prissy" if it has some white on the mid rib and edges and the stem is green not reddish. They are considered medium tall.

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Hi Skygardening,

The tag originally said "dwarf tropical canna". Here's a couple more pictures, if it helps. You can also click on the thumbnails to get a better view. Right now it is about 24 inches tall, the leaves are plain green, I don't see any white, and I don't notice anything different between the leaves and the stem. It sends up a shoot, which has about 10 flowers total, before it dies off and another one comes up about a week later. It is just so beautiful, and I think I was so lucky to find it at wal-mart of all places but the only problem with these found bargins is that they are rarely identified or identified correctly. But I still love it and am definitely going to get some more cannas!

Thanks for you help!

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skygardening(z9 FL)

Looks like there is a slight white edging on it. That is still my guess. Have your tried going to to ID it. Look under all three catigories. Height, color, and foliage to narrow it down. Also try this site.
Click on Canna collection in the left column and then you can look it up the same way. Hope this helps.

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Skygardening, thanks for your help and the sites!

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