Newbie questions about cannas?

ladybarber101(9a)July 10, 2006

Okay so I am new to gardening and have fallen head over heals for cannas and daylily plants with all the different variety.. I have been reading through all the threads and think I may have a virus in a set of red canna in two pots. I bought them about 9 days ago at @ walmartI seperated them into two pots like I had all the others that I had purchased and planted in the last 3 months. Potted in jungle growth soil along wih alittle peat moss to help them get some room before sticking them in the ground because there were so many roots it couldnt live much longer it was strangling itself. Now it looks verigated and yellow. The blooms just droop and I dont know what else to do.. but ask your advise..

I cant figure out how to upload pics but I have all my photos in my yahoo account. Any help would be appreciated and I will check after a while.

You can go to:

Thanks again


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couldn't get the link to open, it said TCookie invalid.

Were both cannas blooming red when you bought them?

If not, they could be different kinds, one red, one yellow variegated;
WM is famous (infamous?) for mislabeled plants.

Drooping blooms may be transplant stress or just age.

I don't know what jungle growth soil is, but here we plant cannas in the ground, usually in our native soil with with very few amendments, mostly a little well-aged compost, so maybe your potting medium is too rich.

or maybe it's the peat moss:
Peat moss is very very dry, & it's too hard to get it wet.
I think it actually wicks water away from roots.

(You might also post on the Florida forum, or check with a local garden club.)

Best luck!


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Sorry I got a corrected link to my photos..

Here is a link that might be useful: ladybarbers photos

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The cannas were in one pot and had 2 red blooms. I seperated them into the 2 pots the same as I did the others before planting.. T

The peat moss is actually pretty good about holding moisture (small amount blended in) and we even use it in the ground to make the soil richer because it is so sandy.. Everything else we planted has aken off and gone crazy but I am really worrid about them. They are the ones in the photo with me holding the leaves out..

Will dig alittle deeper into the books and posts..
If you have any more thoughts I appreciate any guidance..

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annzgw could be virus, or stress from who knows what at wmart, or shock from been transplanted twice within 2 weeks.

I'd cut the blossom off to let the plant concentrate on getting established and growing more leaves. Give them some time and then see what they look like in another month?

I just learned about the virus this year and thought I saw it in a couple of plants I traded for this spring. As they've grown, any signs of virus has disappeared and the plants are gorgeous. I did have one that grew about 4 inches and then just stopped, so I dug it up and threw it away.

As for my other cannas...........if they have the virus, yet grow well and don't looked stunted, then I'm going to keep them and enjoy their beauty.

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More than likely, it's just transplant shock. Don't worry. You've taken them out of their environment and then repotted them too. You've disturbed their roots and They're stressed out. It might help to cut them down to about a foot tall and let them regrow. They regrow quickly and will soon look healthier.

These days, it's almost impossible to have cannas and not have the canna virus. Many people may think they don't have a virus, but the symptoms may not be showing up. As long as your cannas look healthy (after recovering from transplant shock), don't worry about the virus. The ones you have to worry about are the ones that never look healthy and always look as if they're dying.

Good luck with your cannas.


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