Canna just getting leaves in Wa

garland67July 14, 2006

Seems like my canna are slow to grow out here in Wa State. Is that normal? My canna are very small at the moment and starting to shoot out. Not sure if that was normal for out here. I am also getting holes on some of the leaves. Do I need to water them more? Thanks!

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I don't know what zone you're in, but cannas like it hot. They really start growing and blooming in the heat of the summer. Mine are now coming to life and putting on a nice display.

Also, how deep have you planted the rhizomes? They only need to be two or three inches deep.

They love lots of sun, water, and some fertilizer.

Holes in your leaves are either from bugs or leaf rollers. If any of your leaves are sewn shut with little threads, you have leaf rollers. Some bacillus thunbergis may help control them. You may also need to unfurl the leaves and pick off the worms yourself. If you have a pond, toss them in. Your fish will love them. Do not compost canna foliage because eggs from leaf rollers may be in them, creating a nice infestation next year.


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I think I am in zone 7 or 8. It's just starting to get hot here. I have them planted 2 to 3 inches. Do they go through a large growth spirt when it get's hot? Seems like their slow pokes. I will check for wormes. Some of my Dalhia's are getting holes in the leaves as well. Thanks

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Is Miracle Grow a good fertilizer to use on Canna?

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

They do indeed tend to grow more when it is hot. They also take a while to establish their root system prior to "taking off". The holes could be any number of critters. Do you have earwigs, or snails, or slugs?

I use miracle grow on mine, but they will do well without. One can see them growing along highways in some areas, and I am certain they are not getting the TLC that yours will be getting.

I agree with butterflychaser, that they can't be planted too deep or they will not flower. They will grow, but not flower. If yours are only a couple of inches they should be okay. Mine just started to take off recently, and now are opening up nicely with buds and blooms.

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jroot, since your in Canada, do you leave them in the ground all year long? I'm in WA state and I'm not sure if I should do so.

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