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Hi all, is Miraclegro good for cannas or does anyone suggest another fertilizer? I am growing cannas in a bed of annuals(having lost all the perennials in a norÂeaster) and have been using Miraclegro. Here in MA we lift in the fall and replant in the spring, so I am looking for maximum growth for this season only. Beds were amended with composted manure and new soil after the storm, but the late planting and salty soil(and more rainy, cold weather after the storm) has resulted in small plants for this time of year. What do you use to grow really tall, beautiful cannas?

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Miracle-Gro and other chemical fertilizers might stimulate new growth, but they don't do any long-term good. They make plants more susceptible to desease and attack by insects. Chemical fertilizers also destroy the microbiotic life in the soil.

Get an organic fertilizer and/or some more organic material. At the Lowe's and Home Depot stores in my neighborhood there is a more expensive manure that is much better than what they call composted manure. It's called "Black Cow" and comes in a yellow and black 40-pound bag. More poop, less filler - your cannas would love this stuff.

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