Is this Crassula?

alicemendelMay 11, 2012

Is this Crassula? Buddha's Temple?

I found it at the garden center. Marked "Asst C&S."

It seems to be branching or puping. Should I do anything special? Should I re-pot it now or wait for it to crawl out of its tiny little pot?

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It's indeed a miniature Crassula and does look like a hybrid and could very well be as you say (I remember it differently but ICBW).

Sure, it could be repotted into a slightly larger pot in porous mix, but be aware that Crassula do most of their growing in the cooler parts of the year.

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It looks like Crassula 'Ivory Pagoda', a very nice plant. It's not the most common Crassula but not anywhere near as rare as 'Buddha's Temple' which I once had in my grasp and regretfully did not buy.

I've had a few of the 'Ivory Pagodas' and killed the first one with too much sun. It will appreciate a few hours of morning sun and mostly shade the rest of the time. There's no rush to repot it, maybe let it acclimate to a good spot first.

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Thanks so much!

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