privacy screen recommendations?

mowgliJuly 3, 2013

hello all,

I have a need to block out a sight line of my neighbors run down garage with the unintentional roof-top garden growing from the gutters, its eco friendly but a scary sight!!

the area I would need hidden is a 15' span along my fence, I was hoping for columnar oaks but the mid to high shade in that area is problem...

the view isn't bad in summer when all other trees grow but the winter view is a problem, so I would like something that keeps its leaves or stays full all winter

any help would be appreciated!

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clairabelle(z4 Quebec)

Columnar cedars? So lush and thick, all year round...

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evergreens: junipers, cedars, hollies, pines, spruce...

or a beech: beech will keep it's dead leaves until spring.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

If you have " mid to high shade" in that area (as you indicated in your post), then cedars, junipers, pines or spruce will not be suitable....they all require adequate sunlight to stay thick and will find that these species will get thin and not grow well as the seasons pass......
Yews are your answer.....they will grow and thrive in shade and you can control the height of the tree/shrub by pruning... Since yews rejenerate very well off of old growth, you can prune them hard and they will not die back and keep their shape......
You may also consider Canandian hemlock....another species that thrive in part shade areas and when pruned, you can create a bushy shrub.....
Boxwood is another partial shade shrub that keeps its leaves all winter and would be a good choice as well...


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all very good options thanks... I was looking at the beech but wasn't sure if the leaves stayed all winter so that is helpful! I need a tall privacy so I think that's my best option

plus it will add a little color

thanks all very much!!

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