Overwintering Dutchmans Pipe

Betty LevarJuly 24, 2009

I know it is still summer but I was just wondering how to overwinter a Dutchmans Pipe (aristolochia elegans). Somewhere I read this person overwinters it like his brugs and I know that is little water and a dark cool area. Would I do this for this plant or try and keep it growing all winter.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I have Dutchman's Pipe vine growing here near Guelph, ON for several years now. I also have brugmansia. There is NO similarity between the plants whatsoever.

Dutchman's Pipe vine is hardy to my area. I do NOTHING to it. I don't cut it down. I don't hill it. I don't protect it in any way. ... and it keeps coming back year after year. It is slow to come back in the spring, but it is an amazing plant. Here is a shot of it climbing the fence in early July. Now at the end of the July, you could easily add another 3 feet of growth to it.

By the way, here is a photo of the VERY illusive flower of Dutchman's Pipe. Sorry it is not clearer.

My brugs however, are a tropical plant, and they must come inside for the winter.

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Betty Levar

JRoot thanks for the pictures -that certainly is a huge vine and interesting flower. The picture on the tag of the flower was a purple colour with spots and I think it is a tropical. Betty

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Your plant is certainly not what I have. It is indeed a tropical plant. If I had your plant, I would definitely treat it like my brugmansia, and bring them indoors for the late fall, winter, and early spring. Good find, betty1822. Good luck with it. I hope that you have some space in your home for it in the winter, or a good green house. My brugs take up a lot of my space, much to the chagrin of my better half.

Here is some research that I found about your plant. Enjoy.

Exposure Elegant dutchman's pipe
We suggest growing the the Elegant dutchman's pipe In the house or in a warmed greenhouse; when the minimum temperatures go past 15°C it is possible to move them outside. To develop to their best, climber plants need grates, or they can be placed near a wall, which functions as a support.For a balanced development, it is best to position the the Elegant dutchman's pipe in a partially shady place, where it can enjoy direct sunlight only during the coolest hours of the day.

Generalities Elegant dutchman's pipe
These plants are shrubs. Elegant dutchman's pipe Is an evergreen; during summer iIt assumes a purple colouring; the adult specimens are medium in size and reach 7 m high. The Elegant dutchman's pipe has a climber deportment.

Fertilization Elegant dutchman's pipe
Climber plants have a quick and vigorous development, letÂs enrich the soil, towards the end of the winter or in autumn, with manure or slow release fertilizer; during the spring, once a month, we can add a fertilizer for green or flowering plants, rich in nitrogen and potassium to the irrigating water .

Watering Elegant dutchman's pipe
This plant has a climber development, at times very vigorous; therefore it is good to remember that the more developed plants need more water compared to the more limited specimens. LetÂs avoid watering the the Elegant dutchman's pipe excessively, always leaving the soil dry for a few days between one watering and the other, therefore letÂs irrigate the substratum deeply every 2-3 weeks with 1-2 buckets of water .

Treatments Elegant dutchman's pipe
As the day-time temperatures rise at the beginning of the spring, it is agreeable to practice a preventive treatment, with a wide-range insecticide, which should be applied when there arenÂt flowerings in the garden. Before the buds become too large, it is advisable to also treat them with a wide-range fungicide, to prevent the development of fungal diseases which spread easily when there is an elevated environmental moisture.

Soil Elegant dutchman's pipe
These plants need a substratum with an excellent drainage.

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Betty Levar

Thanks for the information. I will bring it in for the winter and put it under lights in the basement. My brugs, however, go into a darkened, cool room with little water. I am anxious to see the flowers - the picture looked very exotic, the leaves are a lovely heart shaped too. Betty

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