where to order in Canada?

Bubben(6a S. Ontario)August 13, 2005

I have 5 different cannas that I have grown this year, and am becoming 'hooked'! I live in southern Ontario and would like find a place that has many of the different varieties that I have learned about here, such as Stuttgart. Either mail order or a place to visit. I understand that there is a place in Maple Ontario called Guildwood Cannas. Does anyone know this place? Are there cannas that will grow in part sun, part shade? Thanks so much!

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I have heard of Guildwood Canna's but have not ordered from there. I've become quite hooked on cannas as well. What varieties do you grow? At present I have tropicanna, pretoria, wyoming and red king humbert. I ordered the pink starburst from Dominion last year but they never grew; I think everyone was given a refund on those as they got a poor shipment. I tried some dwarf varieties last year but they did not survive the winter in storage. I would like to try the stuggart but it seems more difficult to find this year. To answer your question, I think that stuggart is recommended for a shadier spot as they tend to scorch and I think that most of the others will do okay in a partly shaded spot. Most of the major mailorders such as Veseys and Dominion, etc have cannas available in the spring but for more varieties you would probably need a more specialized nursery such as guildwood.

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donna_jj(5b Montreal QC)

Botanus also has a nice selection of regular and dwarf cannas in their spring catalogue as does GardenImport. I ordered a Rosemond Cole dwarf this spring and it just bloomed last weekend, beautiful. But if it is the specialized types you are looking for, you might have to do some research.

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peatpod(Z5b Ontario)

Guildwood is excellent .. so is Humber Nuseries .. You might also find some Canadians that would like to trade.


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capehlke(Canada 6A)

I ordered a collection from Vessey's this year to supplement my existing collection.... The good, they sent very large and vigorous growing bulbs. The bad - The Red King Humbert turned out to be Florence Vaughan (aka Yellow King Humbert), the Portland and President were good, the Havest yellow and Stuttgart were infected with canna virus and thus had rust streaking in the leaves and the growth was stunted and leaves pre-maturely died. I'm going to try Guildwood next year but since I'm in London and only a 2 hour drive from Maple (aka Toronto), I'll see about picking them up directly as opposed to shipping since i'm in toronto a fair amount for business anyway

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