Succulents identification and Help needed!

strangeseraphMay 13, 2013

I am a sucker for plants in trouble. I got this pot of mixed succulents, last on the shelf, nice red pot, at Walmart. The pot has glued down stones, how do I remove them? One of these plants is damaged badle in the places you can see in the pictures. (I'll add more photos of all the plants after I figure out how to upload more than one picture! o.o I need some help identifying the one in the picture. I've already identified the largest as a 'panda plant' and I think the other one is jade, but I dunno. I went to the growers website and it only lists the species of plants they grow with nice pictures of the full grown plant. :/ Frustrating. The worst part is these were the nicest succulents I could find in my area. The garden store at Rona had a horribly small selection, and the only other place had cactus 'seeds'. So I shelled out my money for this, and the panda plant is a keeper. Its got one broken off leaf though, (see the picture) which is unfortunate and marrs an otherwise perfectly healthy plant.

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Another picture of all three plants.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Yes, you have the common names of those two correct, Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa) & Jade (Crassula ovata). The other one is an Echeveria. Hard to tell which species from what's left. (Maybe E. peacockii or 'Carribean')

Getting the glues rocks off? FUN! I've tried a couple times. Sometimes soaking the soil/glue so you can pry them off, but then remembering to get the wet soil off the plants, letting them dry out before putting in a well-draining soil mix. I believe I received (as a gift) a Ponytail Palm in one of those exact pots (NO drain hole either). I had quite a time prying it & the rocks apart. When you repot, get one with drain holes. =) I am still working on a couple other pots with glued rocks.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

My husband bought me a couple of coral cacti (grafted Euphorbia lactea crest) that were in the same potting mess. No drain hole and glued down rocks. They set these plants up to fail.

I used a table knife around the edge to chip up the glued rocks. They came up rather easily in chunks, like breaking toffee, only easier. I did not soak the rocks, however, I only had one rather sturdy stem to protect. The glue on mine was not too strong, as it crumbled easily into individual rocks in my hand. Maybe I was lucky on the glue, and maybe it was already pretty wet, as they often are from HD or Lowes.

They are now in better soil and pot, with a topping of river rocks I used to help hold them up after repotting.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Good job, Crenda! Nice plants!

I just now noticed you are both new to the forum, so
Glad you got your feet wet! =)

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Thank you! I have learned so much from this forum by lurking for the past year and am eager to learn more.

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I found the best way to remove those glued rocks was to use a spray bottle, lightly mist a section at a time. Let it stand, then use a chopstick or a screwdriver to pry them up. The trick is to let it sit just a little and the glue softens. You won't use enough water to soak the soil.
You'll have some nice succulents once you dig them out.
Congrats on the find!
Lennie in SW Michigan

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What should I do about the Echeveria plant? How do I help it regrow? I'm glad to be able to ident these plants. Should I repot them together or seperately? I'm tending towards separately but arranging them together on the table.

Its rather sad that pot doesn't have a drain hole, its a beautiful pot. I might attempt to put some holes in it, its a heavy hard clay substance so I'd be worried about it breaking.

Really excited now. :D

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Someone said that nail polish remover removes the gluereally good. Of course dont just pour it on the plant, but aybea qtip with some on it.

Crenda, those cacti are beautiful.

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

You might be able to cut off the head of the Echeveria & try to get it to grow roots, repot it...but I'm not giving it much chance of survival the way it looks. Or you can try potting plant as is.

Your idea of potting separately (pots not too large) & grouping together sounds good.

Also, you might be better off making that pot a cat or dog bowl ~if it's the same as the one I have. =)

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I'd plant the sad looking one separately in a small pot with gritty mix or full Turface. It'll come back.

I did the same thing with mine in the thread below with the help of some forum members. That one was odd because in the whole large pot, only that one ailed whereas the others are as happy as can be. Much like yours looks. Unlike you, *I* did this to this lolant, lol.

So, logically, whatever is working okay for the others is not working for that Echeveria. While I originally potted it into potting mix first because the roots looked really dry, I think, in hindsight, potting it straight into gritty mix would have expedited the situation.

The Jade and Panda, I'd also separate into separate pretty and small pots, too. But that's just me. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Project Revive: SOS

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