Where/When to buy Roses North Bay?

loribee2(CA 9)May 4, 2011

Okay, so Renee you've totally got me going on iceberg roses. In fact, I love your whole plan for my little side yard spot. Now I have questions:

It looks like fall is the best time to plant roses in California. Would people here agree? Also, should I look for iceberg roses in local nurseries at the end of the summer, or do you think there's a mail order company that would be better/just as good? Any preference between bare root or potted?

And if I should shop nurseries, anyone know where I could get these in Sonoma County? I've checked Cottage Gardens but they don't carry Iceberg. Are they common enough that at the right time of year, I could probably find them anywhere? It looked like that was true for Southern Cal but I'm not sure about up here.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Loribee, I didn't know you were in Norcal. You should check to make sure Icebergs do well there first. Perhaps you can post in the Rose Forum and ask that question. You can probably plant them now if it is not too hot.

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Right now Emerisa Gardens has roses on sale 20% off. I don't know if they have Iceberg, but it is so common they may nave it. Call them and and ask for Jani. There is nothing to be gained by waiting till fall to plant container roses. If the roses are in the sun at the nursery, planting them in the ground now in the sun will not stress them if you keep them well watered for the next month. There is now an Iceberg climber that blooms as much as the bush. Al

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loribee2(CA 9)

Thanks, Al! I will definitely give them a call!

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

If Petaluma isn't too far for you to drive Garden Valley Ranch is a great rose nursery, I checked their website for you and it looks like they have Iceberg roses in stock. They ship bare-root roses in the spring but if you want to buy potted roses you have to go to the nursery. If you go I would recommend that you take some time to look around because they have lots of gorgeous roses there, not just those for sale but many planted as well. The wall of Eden climbers is spectacular and almost always in bloom.

Good luck! I think your garden is going to be beautiful when you are done, you'll have to post pictures for us to admire.

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I agree with peachymomo, Garden Valley Ranch is a great rose nursery. Many retail nurseries order bare roots from the growers and pot them up. If you buy a container rose at this time of year you may get a rose that has been in the pot about three months and when you go to plant it all the soil falls off the roots that are not established in the soil. What you get is a newly bare rooted rose that now has to grow new feeder roots. Ask if they would mind if you pull the rose out of the container at the nursery before you buy it. If it was potted last summer it will be establish in the soil. Al

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loribee2(CA 9)

Thanks very much for the advice and suggestions! I will go hunting this weekend!

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nancyusa(Z6 PA)

Thanks for the tip about Garden Valley Ranch. Went this weekend...amazing display gardens and best selection of roses I've ever seen.

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