Lewisia cotyledon Elise

yroux(4B)July 8, 2013

I started these from seeds in january, I was very sceptical they will blow this summer, but i was wrong as you can see. I am very happy to introduce you Lewisia cotyledon Elise Fleuroselect Gold Winner.

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beautiful! I bought some lewisia a few years ago (plants) and they just never did well and eventually died.

yours are so pretty

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yes that is neat

I find for Chrysanthemums, I now grow a number of them in pots
In late fall I pull the pots into the garage not cutting the plants back.
In spring late spring, cut them back and have them outside in a not up front location.

I keep pinching them back and the pots fill right up. I have even had to divide the plants as they get to big for the pots.
Just about now early or mid July I stop pinching them back Then in Late August I bring the pots right up by my front entrance.
Boy what a show they make Different colours and varieties even.
I never seem to lose them over winter
My supply increases every year
I would actually like to try
r more interesting unique Chrysanthemums

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