Hydrangea new buddings die out

janeyliuJuly 7, 2013

The hydrangea is fully grown. Just recently I found the new buddings started to turn black then die(see the photo attached). I saw some insects go in (maybe stay) in the new budding. I'm not sure if this is bug damage or a disease.

Please let me know what it is and how to treat it.


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it looks to have started from the edges and I also notice yellowing in the other leaves. Did the plant get regular watering. I do notice similar situations in plants that have gone for a prolonged period without watering and then was suddenly given a lot of water - however when this occurs, it's not just the leaf buds that would have been affected but also the other leaves.

There might be something more systemic. Perhaps an insect that bore a hole into the stem interrupting the supply of nutrients and water to the leaves. You'll probably see more of that if the damage widens to the other leaves. However if you water regularly and notice the other leaves remain healthy, then it was a problem that's localized. Anyway, keep watering the plant regularly and observe it. It may be that this plant was just recently transplanted, interrupting some water to the tips of the plant. There are lots of possibilities. You just have to keep observing the plant.

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