New Cannas, Brown Leaves

bobestesAugust 10, 2006

Got some new potted cannas from HD recently.

Put them in the ground, then noticed a few days later, some of the leaves are turning brown and crispy.

is this:

A) because they need to be divided/spread out

B) because they're getting fried in the full mid-summer texas sun (and haven't established themselves yet


C) because they haven't been watered enough (I usually water once daily)

Ultimately, I've been assuming I'd keep them alilve, wait for them to die down in the winter, then dig up the tubers and replant in the spring.

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For your zone you shouldn't have to dig up the rhizomes this winter. Mine stay year-round and do fine.

They may have burned because they were sheltered at HD and are now exposed to full sun. They'll probably send up some new shoots .............just make sure the water is actually reaching the roots and not running off and give them some MilacleGro.

If they're like most I see at HD I doubt they need dividing.

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sunshinysmile(7 Piedmont Triad NC)

or you could have a search on this forum for pictures and discussion.

I thought mine were crunchy, but they were being eaten.

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It sounds like 1 of 2 problems:

1) Leaf Rollers - check and see if there are rolled-up leaves that are "stitched" shut, with a material that looks like a spider web. If so you have leaf rollers. HD or Lowe's sell products that will kill them. I use an Ortho spray - a lot of people like powder, because it stays around longer
2) Rust - Does it start out with yellow or brown specks or streaks on the leaves, then gets worse? If so, you probably have rust. It's a fungus, and there is no cure - however, a fungicide should prevent it from advancing. Again, HD or Lowe's sells them - I use a coipper-based one.

Hope this helps.


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