Verticillium Wilt of Cotinus'golden Spire'

halaeva(z6 Toronto)July 26, 2008

My golden Smoke Bush (tree-form,7' tall,3 years old well established have all the symptoms of Verticillium Wilt.About 90% of leaves and tips of the brunches are dried out.I did not prune it yet. Will wait until next early Spring when the tree will be still in dormant state.

My question is: Have the tree any chance to live? Or this is a lost case as I have learned searching Internet?

I would appreciate any answer.


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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

If it was just a few of the branches I would say to prune them out and reduce watering (I know - it's been so rainy...) and maybe it would limp along. But if most of your tree is afected, it's probably not going to survive :-(

This has been an awfully rainy summer, and Cotinus requires very well drained soil if it is going to have a chance of avoiding V. wilt.

Sorry!! It is such a nice tree that it is a shame to lose it!


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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Hello Bonnie.
I appreciate your advice very much.Thank you for your responce,Thank you indeed.

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