Concrete planters

snowdrops4u2July 23, 2007


I have a large round concrete form that I wanted to put outside to use as a planter for my Hosta. I'm told that if I want to use this concrete as a planter I need to insulate it first. Is this true?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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The larger the planting space, the better the rate of survival. The ones with shallower depths and smaller the interior planting space, the less hospitable it will be for the plants. In anycase as a matter of practice always try to insulate these things with mulching, styrofoam and placing the planter in areas that are protected from strong winds. and perhaps under an overhang. Don't use borderline zone plants - that is use a plant that can survive in zone 4-3 because once you planted them out in a container, conditions would imitate colder zones.


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I have 2 concrete planters out front, they came with our house. I only use them for annuals.

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Thanks for the helpfull replys!

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