canna seed germinating

chinagroveAugust 10, 2007

I have started germinating several canna seeds.I'm new at this. Nicked seed, soaked, placed them in styrofoam cups with holes in bottom and filled cup with good potting soil. (not seed starting medium.) Placed saran wrap with rubber bands on tops of cups. Placed cups in greenhouse in sun where it is very warm as our temps have been extremely hot. Some (not very many) have sprouted. The ones that haven't sprouted, i loosened soil to expose the seed and it had what looked like little bluish-gray speckels on them Could this be some sort of mold? Maybe got too hot in greenhouse.I then moved them outside in semi-shade. What's up with my method and is there anything I can do to save any of these seeds?

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Patience. Your method needs patience. Nothing happens when you want it to ... or all at once.

Speckles on the seed shell may be caused naturally by them being wetted internally and the seed store beginning to be utilized by the embryo.

All my Canna seeds eventually came up. Canna are extremely hardy plants and although they may take time to germinate, they eventually will. And if they don't. Who cares? The ones that did germinate can be divided later to obtain just as many and more Canna. You only need one to germinate to get lots of them!

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