Is it too late to plant Cannas?

susan32877August 19, 2010

My husband's uncle was diagnosed with cancer this spring and never got his cannas in the ground. Some have shriveled and died, but others have sprouts on them. I told him I thought we should plant them anyway (we're in central jersey). They won't bloom, but I hope they will get enough from the ground to be able to dig and overwinter them for next year. What do you think?

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

I would plant them. What have you got to lose? At least if you plant them you may be able to keep them alive.


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Have you consider planting them in pots? You could bring them in this way and keep them growing as house plants if you have a good sunny spot for them and then later store them if you wish to start up again next spring.

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I think you can. I just bought some cannas and the stalks died to the ground and it is starting to grow now from the ground. I have it in a pot so I can bring it in and I think I might keep it growing over the winter because I want it to have a good start next spring. I hope they all do well!
Good luck!

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