Japanese Beetles

covellaAugust 1, 2007

I thought I was getting away without Jap beetles this yr but they just arrived and have settled on my canna leaves which are looking more like lace everyday. What's a good insecticide?

PS I garden organically except for container plants and these are in giant pots - so I' prefer something that has a short half life



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The best way is to just pluck them off into soapy water. That is what I do. I have them on my rose's. It is an everyday type thing.

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I have them on mine too. Just when they were looking great, along comes the J.P. My wife came up with a good way. She fills a polland spring water bottle "16oz" about 1/4 full of soapy water. Then puts the mouth of the bottle over 1,2,3 or sometimes even 4 bugs and they just fall right in. We cleaned off about 30 beetles in just five minutes. I cut off the bad leaves. Mine were looking real good too, about eight feet tall and very full. With flowers too. I won't use anymore poison. We humans mess up nature enough without killing bees and butterflys with stuff like sevin. My two cents. good luck. filix.

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

I hate to admit it but I did use Sevin this year, first time I have had to resort to it but I was afraid they were going to kill my Harry Lauder and my 2 year old weeping cherry. They did kill one of my antique roses, the canes are turning dark, there is not a leaf left on it.

In years gone by I simply picked them, dropped into water and then fed them to the bullfrogs in the pond. But this year I am short bullfrogs and overloaded with beetles. They have decimated the entire top of the cherry tree and started on a potted canna I had across the walkway.....then they started on the banana tree and my morning glories. They are voracious this year.

I hate poison and hate that I used it....don't do it, I feel so guilty.

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Sometimes I wish I could nuke em! :) They even eat poison ivy! It is such a shame they were ever brought here. But like it or not they are now just part of nature here like gypsy moth catapillars. Sigh :( filix.

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drat - they haven't left. I was so hoping - ha ha. Out to drop some more in a cup of soapy water.

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

The darned creatures have now attacked my musafolia! It's war.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I have never had JB's but this year you have to dodge them or you will be smacked in the face! They were on the Nectarine tree first then the old peach tree and now the cannas.

I have not been able to catch any, as soon as I get close, they take flight.

I do not use poisons but this year has been a challenge. The fleas are driving us (dog and cats) crazy and this JB infestation just goes on and on. I don't normally like to see a cold winter but perhaps that is what we need this year!


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You can try Milky Spore. It is non-poisonous to animals and humans. They sell it on the internet. I just used it for the first time this year from St. Gabriel Labs. It is used in March and June in our area anyway. It infects grubs and beetles with a virus and within 3 years they should be controlled.

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