What's your favorite canna?

Linda's Garden z6 UtahAugust 31, 2008

This is my second year planting canna's and I planted a lot more than I did last year. They are so pretty and tropical looking that I really love them and want to plant more next year. Some of my favorites from this year are Pretoria, Australia, and Tropic Yellow. I also really love the Banana Canna because it is so big and has beautiful leaves.

What are your favorites?


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I like the foliage of Bengal Tiger. It's really unique.

I also bought a Tropicanna last week but it was very horrible. I saw them underneath a shelf. I've been watching it for 2 months, hehehe. I still bought it because it was so cheap, $3.99. I think I have 5-to-6 2 ft trunks per pot. This morning, I saw some new seedlings. I bought 2 pots. Next year, I know, it will look beautiful.

When I saw it 2 months ago, it was very lovely. Not sure why 70% of people here in our area ignore them. I think, people think they're just accent plants since they die if not dug. :)

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Canna "stuttgart" Variegated white and green,similar to Ae Ae banana plant.This beautifull canna gets peach colored flowers in late spring!

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Never met a canna I didn't like. If canna were men, I guess I'd be a slut! I simply adore The President with its huge lucious red flower. I didn't have any of this variety this year as they all met their demise in my basement this winter, and it was too late to remedy, and I had already ordered others. I bought a yellow one that I wish I could remember the name because it performed very poorly. Lady Di was beautiful with nice size peach/salmon blooms, colorful foliage and dwarf size. Cannas in the garden are like stars in the heavens!

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Wish I was a CANNA!!!

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