bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)August 21, 2007

These are Lucifer and Picasso leaves. Both were purchased this spring. The Lucifer is growing normally (except for the streaking) and has begun to flower. The Picasso is extremely stunted. I thought these had solid leaves, not variegated, but I'm hoping I'm wrong...




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A previous poster had started a thread worrying "What is Wrong with my Cannas??? Photos".

Read that thread and you'll see that there was No Virus.

However, in your case ... Yes, your Cannas have the dreaded Canna Mossaic Virus.

Please take whatever steps are necessary to destroy them so as not to spread the virus. Root them up and burn them. Start over with fresh Canna after you feel confident that you have cleaned up the soil where the deseased plants had been. I see you have them in a wooden planter, so just dump the soil with your outgoing trash and buy new potting soil, if you feel the Virus may still be latent in soil. In truth, I do not know if the Virus can exist in raw soil. It's your call.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Thanks - I figured I'd be tossing these guys but before I did that I wanted a second opinion. All my plants are in pots so getting rid of the soil is easy to do. According to what I have read, the virus does not remain in the soil, but I'd prefer not to take the chance!

Fortunately none of my other Cannas look infected - they're all older plants or are seed grown.


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I'd question where you got them. It hasn't been long. You can maybe take 'em back and get refunded, even if you have to accept getting something else, instead of a cash refund.

Then ... don't get Canna that originated from that source again for a while, not the store, but the place the store got it from. It may do them good to be informed that the Canna they are distributing has problems.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Already wrote the store informing them of the problem and suggested that they inform their supplier :-)

For others that might want to avoid them - since these Cannas are widely available - the supplier was "Simple Pleasures". If you're in Canada, I know that Botanus and Vesey's uses them. I don't know about other places.


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Is this canna virused? I just got them in a trade.

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I hope you understand that I want to stay away from becoming Mr. "yes, your Canna have the virus."

The virus is characterized by beady patterns along the viens of the leaves.

It is always possible that there is a species of Canna out there that has these patterns, naturally. You don't even say what kind of Canna that is.

The photo you show has even more beady viens than does Bonniepunch's.

I would be inclined to say yes. But do me a favor, have someone else check it out.


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