I show you my flowers

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)May 6, 2011

We got "pinks"...the glaucous foliage dianthus seem to take full sun better than green foliage dianthus.

Then we have a painting by Monet...oops, no it is just clematis jackmanii and roses.

Just Joey roses with some California poppies and I like lavender in my rose beds. Rosemary too, but you can't see it in this picture.

This is a giant geranium with the electric pink flowers. These flowers almost glow in the dark.

Hello, amaryllis in pots outside bloom in May.

Feather grass lined path with verbena bonariensis on left. Mexican sage cut down recently middle right, front right stipa gigantica which is just sending out new flowering spikes.

Watsonia and sorry the picture is a little out of focus but you can't have it all.

Thanks for looking.

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Very pretty. I'm especially jealous of the rust-free roses, something I do not have right now.

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Very pretty.My watsonia just finished blooming,i have the white one,and think we may have to do some pruning and downsizing it,it's getting too big.

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My watsonia barely flowered this year. Ugh, means I need to dig and separate the thick bulb clumps, I know there were enough soil nutrients in the rest of the bed. I do like how long the leaves stay green watered though, this is going to be an expensive year for water in my area and I'm already dragging the hose around in this heat.

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