canna musifolia flowering early.

nucci60(6 Ma.)August 16, 2007

I thought I read that musifolia rarely flowers.I really wanted to get some height with my two large rhizomes this year. but the scamps are starting to flower at only 5 and 6 feet.Anyone else have musifolia flowering that short?

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My musafolia has always bloomed. Most of the places I've read that it rarely blooms are on websites in the UK. Mine were planted in poor clay soil and part shade for years. It never got over 7 feet. I moved them to our new house this year in better soil and more sun. They are just under 10' now. I'm in zone 9 and they started coming up in late Febuary as soon as it got warm. In your zone you need full sun and plenty of water in good soil to reach maximum hieght. An occasional dose of miracle grow never hurts either. Musafolia is somewhat common in my area. I have seen it planted in shade and only reaching 5' tall but still blooming.
Everytime I transplant canna the first stalks are always short but still bloom. I believe cannas use most of their energy to send out roots when it's first planted. They require lots of water and will send roots out everywhere to get it.

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william_illinois(z5 IL)

Canna 'musifolia' is a massive plant much larger than the canna shown in your photograph. The foliage is 10 to 12 feet tall with leaves up to 3 feet long.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

southlatropical,your right,I think Iwas reading a U.K. website.I love mine but I thought it would get larger before it flowered. It has been a nice hot summer and canna like "australia" is as high as the musifolia and not flowering yet. William illinois, that picture above IS canna musifolia. Mine looks exactly like it.Leaves rarely get three feet long.maybe 24-28 inches.Look at the flower and the red stems and midribs,all indicative of musifolia.

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The plants were about 6' tall when that picture was taken. Here is a more recent one.

About 2 weeks ago I thinned out the stalks that had already bloomed they were a little taller and bigger than these. But the clump had become so dense that new stalks were coming up thin and some were blooming at only about 5' from lack of sun. Which is why I also trimmed the lower leaves of the entire clump. The large leaves there in front measure 26'. If this is not musafolia then do you have any idea of what else it could be? Do you have any pictures of your Musafolia? Here are some links to pictures.
Also, there are more than one variety of musafolia. Such as musafolia hybrida, which also resembles the ones I have.'Musaefolia'

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

southlatropical,your canna is musifolia,of course. I am in zone 6 and have to dig mine in the fall.Musifolia supposed to be one of the hardiet cannas, but I don't want to lose them.I think they can be left in the ground in zone 7.I have basjoo banana that I leave in the ground with lots of mulch.

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william_illinois(z5 IL)

Canna 'musifolia' is a very large plant getting to 10 feet here in central Illinois. There is a photograph of the plant on the web site of a nusery in SC. Google for canna musafolia. Remember that a person standing in front of the plant would be less than half as tall as the plant. It rarely grows long enough to bloom, even in the southern US. If your canna is regularly blooming and does not get to be at least 10 feet tall, it isn't C. 'musifolia'.

Canna indica var. warszewiczii (originally described as Canna warszewiczii and sometimes misspelled warscewiczii) has red stems, leaf margins, leaf midribs and flowers. If the top photograph above is not in full sunlight, I suspect that it is C. indica var. warszewiczii or a hybrid with that variety as one of the parents.

Canna 'musifolia' is an agricultural/horticultural plant, possibly derived from Canna indica. Canna 'grande' is reported to be a large hybrid that had Canna 'musifolia' as one of its parents. The other names in the wikipedia articles are nonsense names someone made up.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

william illinois, I can't find a real good close up picture of c. warszewiczii (wow,I can barely type it, never mind pronounce it). The flower looks similar.I don;t know if it has the "curly" leaves I have. Karchesky doesn't carry it and can't find any on ebay.I think we need a canna doctor LOL.

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I went out today and measured the plants with a tape measure. The stalk in the picture below with the bloom is 8' tall. The larger leaves are between 24 and 26" long. They are getting about 7hrs of direct sunlight. As I mentioned in the other post, I recently thined out the stalks that were finished blooming. They were a little bigger than the ones in the picture. The stalk to the left of the one in bloom is closer to the size of the ones that were cut out. As you can see, it is still putting out leaves and should easily reach 9' tall by the time it blooms.

Here is a picture of musafolia grande for sale on the bambooworld website.

I think they look very similar. Canna warszewiczii is quite a bit shorter than the cannas I have. The info I found listed them growing anywhere from 3 to 6 feet. Here are some pictures I found on the web of canna warszewiczii.

These cannas were given to me and refered to simply as "banana canna" by the person who had them. So I cannot say that I am 100% sure they are musafolia. But I do think it's safe to say they are not warszewiczii. IMO the plants in all of these pictures bear some resemblence to each other. But none of them appear identical. The fact that these cannas are reaching 9' in height does narrow the field down a little bit. I have yet to find another canna with this height that resembles it more than musafolia. If this is not musafolia, I would greatly appreciate finding out what it is.

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Karchesy does sell warszewiczii seed. They list it as a medium height canna. Here is a link.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

southlatropical, finally did a little research on c.warszewiczii(wow!) and checked karchesky too. two of the sites claimed it has reddish foliage and karchesky and anoher site claims its stems are almost black.Yours for sure is musifolia and The stems on mine are definately red.The stalk that isn't flowering on one of the rhizomes is nearly seven feet.I am in Massachusetts and these rhizomes didn't go int the ground until may 15th.Yours of course would be taller.I am pretty sure I have musifolia also.The leaves seem larger than c.warszewiczii also.

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