what are you paying for alfalfa meal and soybean meal (lawncare)

mk79(6A)August 13, 2013

as many are becoming more informed, alfalfa meal (or pellets) and soybean meal are some of the more popular organic protein fertilizers for the lawn.

curious what others are paying for alfalfa meal and soybean meal, 50lb bags.

the only place i could find near mississauga, ontario after calling several places is:

Davis Feed and Farm Supply: alfalfa meal $25, special order
Hillsburgh Feed and Supply Ltd: $25, in stock

is this in line with 2013 prices you have paid?

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I have not yet used either of these products but will have a look at it more
Have heard talk about alfalfa What I have used and think is marvellous is Corn Gluten Is supposed to be a weed seed inhibitor but I find it as well really greens up the grass.

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for me I only use triple mixes with great results. Corn gluten is a seed inhibitor and not just limited to weeds but also to grass seeds. So if you plan to reseed, it's not the time to use corn gluten.

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