calandrinia question and some epi and jade pix

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)May 4, 2012

So is calandrinia grandiflora (rock purslane) a succulent? The flowers are pretty neat (you can see the plant

in a pot and the purple flowers at the bottom of this picture). Sorry...I was showing off my roses

and this is the only picture with the purslane I have.

Then, this is the first time this epi has bloomed.

Love the red flowers.

This is a rhipsalis, no? A dependable bloomer for many years and how about that hand wired hanging pot.

Those cheap plastic hanger things degrade and disaster can occur.

Last, my jade cuttings/bonsai project. My favorite is the branch laid flat with the 3 sprouts in the oval pot.

Thanks for looking.

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Great photo of your garden! I love your roses. I think you'll find that people that grow plants rarely grow just one kind and enjoy all nature has to give. I grow orchids, have a few roses, and now some succulents.

I put a jade branch flat on some dirt like you did, but so far, nothing has sprouted. I'm glade to see that laying them down like that actually does work.


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I'm trying the "laying down" thing with one myself, although the conditions it's in...who knows what'll happen. But it had roots along the branch, so I figured it wouldn't hurt. I'm overrun with jades, so I can mess with them. :-)

I agree with Penny about variety. My tiny balcony is crammed with roses, annuals, plumerias, and several succulent species (the jades making up the numbers, of course, crammed in any which way). I wish I could find an epiphyllum, though. I'd love to have one, assuming I could find somewhere to shoehorn it in...

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Deeproots, nice set up giving your epi a place to hang out. I also have an epi that is a first time bloomer for me, the flowers are just getting ready to unfold so I'm keeping a close eye on her, mine are magenta color that looks stunning.

On the rock perslane : I heard they were succulents indeed, my are also mixed with all my cacti & succulents and thrive on neglect and very little water. Nice brilliant purple flowers for sure that adds a nice splash of color in the garden.


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If you like Calandrinia you'll love C. guadalupensis (which Cactus Jordi has a hectare of) - it's the perfect plant for SouCal, as it wants no summer water.

To answer your question, I don't think so. Of the two species we're talking about, C. grandiflora is not a succulent, IMO, but C. guadalupensis is. Like the Euphorbia genus, some are succulent, some are not (I don't know how many species there are in the Calandrinia genus).

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