Prop. of a difficult species by basal cuttings--Zunac vulcanicola

mark4321_gwJune 12, 2010

Just over two months ago I got a rooted cutting from one of the Zunac vulcanicolas (thanks Michael):

I of course noticed the shoots, including one at the base, as I was looking forward to propagating the plant:

The plant has grown, however the shoots on the side are not big enough to try rooting:

However the basal shoot did grow faster, and 3 weeks ago I dug around it and noticed a couple roots. So I dug it up (breaking the roots) and potted it up. 5 days later it had grown more roots--in the photo you can see an original one one the right (broken) and a new one on the left. There are other short ones that are not visible.

So I figured I got one cutting for "free" and that the rest would be a bit of a pain, many would die, and it would take weeks. However, a new basal shoot immediately shot up (this is again 5 days after removing the first):

These guys grow fast, and 5 or 7 days ago I harvested that one--again it had some roots, and when dug up today, had even more:

(the cutting almost looks like it's brown and rotting in the photo--I think it's just a reflection of the red).

I was pleased, but not overly surprised, to see another basal shoot replace that one after a few days. I was surprised to see a second, and then perhaps a third:

(there appears to be a fourth just to the left of the trunk, but it is attached to the trunk at ground level).

I did some digging with my finger, and broke this guy off as well. It was one piece, but I broke it in 2. I think it's Brugmansia...

I will not be surprised if one or both of those guys root--I'll check in a week.

I'm curious how long the plant will keep on churning out these basal shoots. It's like the plant really wants to send one up and will keep on trying.

I'm also curious if it's possible to induce the formation of basal shoots. For any species/hybrid these should root easily and grow quickly, although of course they are below the Y.

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Very cool. I have one that came up a good ways from my Hawaiian double white. It was a surprise to me as well. I am just letting it grow. Maybe I will be brave now and try to move it, lol.

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I think that some are just more inclined to send up basal growth. My culebra sent up a nice basal shoot so I removed it and rooted it. It was soon replaced by another which I also removed but failed to keep alive. Another basal shoot came up but I left that one alone. It's still there but no more shoots have come up. If I remove that one I suspect that another will take it's place.

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figara(Ca 9)

Thanks Randy for info. I have one brug who has a basal shoot.
I'll try to remove it and see what happens.

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I should have taken a picture this morning. One of the basal shoots--the one on the left--was slimed by a snail! Luckily I don't think it caused any damage. The plant is now surrounded by a fresh ring of Deadline.


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Great way to add to your stock!

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Could you please tell me which of the MG clones that plant is?
Making root suckers is normally a feature that is only shown with Sanguineas - according to bot. literature.
So thanks a lot for the interesting photos.

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

As mentioned, some cultivars are more predisposed to basal shoots and sometimes it seems to be related to how deep that last leaf site is planted when starting the cutting to initially get roots.
Maya is really prone to making basal shoots I find, especially shoots that have a green on green variegation or albino/near albino shoots. Mine makes both habitually and if I allow them to grow, the mother plant suffers in that it barely grows and is reluctant to set buds. If you don't get all the tissue off the source of the basal plant, it will in fact keep putting up more plants I find after you have thought you removed that basal source.

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It's clone 2 (or II, I don't remember which notation he uses).

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