Story and ?'s about my Cannas

joytosew(5MO)August 25, 2007

I am pretty much a newb when it comes to plants. However, in late may I was wondering around a greenhouse and saw the most beautiful leaves! Anything with leaves like this must be a beautiful flower I thought. I purchased 2 of them called Yellow King Humbert.

Planting: well, I dunno anything other then what the card said. So, I built me a layered bed on the south side of the house and plunked the poor things in the ground. "I don't think they will grow, but the leaves sure are pretty" (I told my hubby).

Now it is late August, and I don't know where they came from but from the 2 I purchased I now have 22 beautiful cannas.

I now have the threat of fall and soon winter and have been trying to figure out what to do with everything. I just can't leave them out there!

Answer: greenhouse in my basement!

Now the questions. Do I have this many cannas because mine seed?,

If they seed should I just find the seeds and bring them in to pot up?

I so much want to bring in a couple of my cannas to pot for my greenhouse (this would be so beautiful). However, will they grow successfully under lights?

I will have some sun light, as the basement door opens on the south side of the house and hubby is putting up a glass enclosure over the basement door like an attached greenhouse with doors to the outside.

I was reading about the dividing of the cannas and I don't understand the cutting of the eyes to divide? Is there a diagram somewhere that shows a plant with the different parts to help?

I know it is a lot to ask, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Cannas are left in the ground in my zone, but I'm sure someone here can tell you the best way to store cannas over the winter. You can cut them down and dig up the rhyzomes before freezing temps set in. They can be stored over winter then replanted next year.

Your cannas multiplied from the rhizome which is a large root that grows horizontal underground. It sends up new shoots as it spreads. You can save the seeds and start new plants with them, but they multiply so quickly from the rhizome that it is not necessary.

You can start them indoors early and then re-plant them after the last frost. Again, someone who overwinters cannas would be able to tell you better than me how to store them.

When you dig them up and wash them off it will be easy to see how these plants grow and you will have an idea of how to divide them. If you cut the rhizome into larger sections the plants will get off to a better start next year than if you were to cut it into small segments.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

joytosew,cannas are fairly easy. the first hard frost will kill the must get the rhizomes out of the ground before it freezes.Cut the stalks down and carefully dig the rhizome up.Let the rhizome dry off for a few days in a garage or shady can store the rhizomes in cardboard boxes or paper bags.Store them where they won't freeze.If you have a "cool" spot in your house, that is better than storing at warm temps. I would not divide the rhizomes 'til spring.

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