Trimming Pachypodium Saundersii

YKobMay 14, 2013

I have a Pachypodium Saundersii which grew thin and tall. I have read that in order for this plant to have a thick stem, it can be trimmed/cut off at the top. Has anyone done this? I am wondering at which season it should be trimmed. It's getting a good sprouts of leaves at the top and now is a growing season in Seattle (of course indoor..). Can I trim it now?

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Seen at 14 inches and two years in age and am waiting for warmer climate weather in my area Your plan is correct for thickening it's base to become a fatter caud. and as well some thicker branches.

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A picture would be great help, but yes, you can trim it now. Keep the cut dry, cut on a bias, and when you do put it outside, acclimate it to full sun so the leaves don't get sunburn. These are thirsty, desirous-of-sun plants when they're in their growth mode. A well-draining soil is a must.

A note - the Pachypodiums are a section (along with Adeniums, Plumerias, and Oleander - there may be more) of the Apocynaceae that has sap which may be caustic to your skin / mucous membranes. Take appropriate care to not find out that you're reactive.

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Other than a second request for posting a pic would be nice just a slight bump to the top so the OP can find the thread. Also to assist the other more boring topic to sink down to page two of the threads where it needs to be

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Thank you for all the responses. I will post a picture of my P. Saundersii, soon. (thanks for the reminder about the sap as well. I've read about it before, but I forgot.) BTW, can I use the cutting from this to propagate? I've read that propagation from cutting is possible for pachypodium, but some people say it is not that easy. What do you think? Any experiences?

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This picture is after trimming. As you can see, it's thin and tall... (I had two more of this type, but lost them due to frost. :'( I moved from TX to WA recently and they were damaged during transport. They were both much thicker than this.)

The sap keeps comming out from the sap and dripping down along the stem. Is it better to keep wiping the tip?

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Nice treat , Thanks for the pic view
The cut you made will send the top up a little higher and slightly thicken the thinner area and the branch below to become slightly thicker.
She's a toxic sap flower Trash the wipe with a rag I'd suggest a hands free contact if your cutting more of it later
If you mist the cuts with water the toxic sap will slow down and stop sooner.

Pruning in general : If one cuts from the top, areas beneath it become fuller or thicker If one cuts inward the higher areas become thicker and taller as well (usually).
Maybe as watering caution you can wait until it needs watering for more cutting in the future. Out of dormancy as it now would require more frequently and or water volume.

Ohhh BTW as the top dressing is seen in yours it should also have a part in the soil as well for sharp draining.

It's okay to be cautious after the loss but admits I was thinking you meant a much harder prune.

My pic it's seed grown not certain if cuts will root or not root, could be worth a try even though it doesn't sound logical.

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Hello all - I need some additional info on pruning a pachypodium - only mine is geayii and it's over 8 ft tall! Every year I wonder how in the heck I'm going to get it in the house, and this year for sure I'm worried I won't be able to! It's grown above the eaves of the house! So - my question to you is can I slice it off to a more manageable height? It's kinda special to me - I'd hate to lose it!

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