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akaj9(9 Central Florida)August 11, 2011

The yellows are a Florida native, but I have no idea what the red are. This is last years pictures, this year the reds are 7-8 feet tall, the upper stem is burgandy with a deep red (blue toned) flower. Any ideas? I can get a close up in the morning if needed.....

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You have a terrific canna display in your water garden area. I would only be guessing about the cultivar names as there are numerous green leaved reds and yellows. I am reasonably sure the yellow you are growing is not the native canna specie C. flaccida. You have a much better garden hybrid. Does it produce viable seed?

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

I acquired it in I'm pretty sure it is a native.....from the depths of a Florida swamp....In planned I was saving not stealing :) It just really likes Fish poo!

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Judging by the small size and the leaf color (dull grayish green) I would say this a variety of the species Canna glauca, which is mainly S American. This is a bit of a shoot as I have never seen this exact color before. The color of C.glauca is notoriously variable, however. Pink and orange are more normal. It is possible this has naturally hybridised with other garden varieties to produce the lovely deep pinkish red color. - Ian.
PS I'd love some seed.
I Fraser
PO Box 188
CEP 12914-970
Braganca Paulista

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