byrd4460(9 LAKELAND FL)June 4, 2010

Here is Dola doing her thing Tonight.

She is a nice grower and I'm Surprise

to see her this dark on her first Bloom.

Chocolate Brug

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I love the way she curls and the color is so nice. I think Dola is one of the darkest pinks I've seen. Someone sent me Dola last season. I'm not sure if I still have it or not. If I do I probably lost the tag, as usual. lol

Do you ever hand pollinate your brugs? You have such gorgeous varieties. Just imagine what some of your crosses could produce. Even blooms that are naturally pollinated in your yard are probably cool crosses. Do you ever grow the seeds from your own plants?

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Thanks, CB, I have Dola too, shared by Mike in Fall of '08, he also shared Xena w/me. I did not get too many blossoms but hope to see lots this 2nd year- I wanted Dola since Kylie shared photos of her years ago. I did get a pod on Dola last Fall but got anxious and picked it too soon. She is a nice dark pink. Karyn has a good question for you, you must get lots of OP seedpods (???)!

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Thats beautiful. I love the shape and color.

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Oooooooh, that is a beauty CB!

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Georgeous as always, my dola is just waiting too set buds
can't wait too see it Bloom after looking at your's


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

She is very pretty. I also like the recurve on her bloom. I love the animated brugs that recurve like that and release thier fragrance. Its like they are trying so hard to lure in those pollinators :)

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

Oh I SO can't wait for mine to get big and bloom...That is SO pretty!!

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