stanofhMay 14, 2014

Record hot all around the bay area . SF had 91. Seems like we have some kind of warm record every single month. Warm mornings too. Must have been mid 60's for a low.

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99 here in Southern Cal. 102 forecasted tomorrow. Little humidity.

The stuff I read says that I should water tomato plants, at least those planted in the ground as opposed to in containers, deeply and infrequently in order to encourage roots to grow deeper rather than stay on the surface. Hard to resist giving them supplemental watering when they get wilty in the heat of the day.

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

Give those suffering tomato plants a drink already. Record temperatures = extenuating circumstances.

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Alright. Did it. Soaked the ground where the plants are.

The water use by plants in this weather is just incredibly fast.

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It was 96 here in Oceanside,along the coast at 10:00 this a.m.I'm sure you have all heard/seen the major fires surrounding us today here in S.Calif..It's like Armagedon here,humidity was at 4 %..Sure hop tomorrow is better.

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Awful weather. I hate this. Today's high in Santa Monica was 98 and 6% humidity. My plants are hating it too. I have several Hawaiian Ti plants that have been burned. Even some of my agaves are showing signs of stress. I'm watering my palms and all my tropicals every night until this oppressive wave disappears.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

And, we're on fire. Here in N. San Diego county we have no less than 9 simultaneous wild fires going. Santa Ana winds still active, but hopefully subsiding today. Slated to be 100 degrees here, today, even at the beach. Humidty was between 3% and 7% yesterday. Horrid, horrid weather. We are just 8 miles SW of the Freeway Fire, and are on alert to possibly evacuate if the fire moves our direction. Only 5% contained this morning. Pray for San Diego county and for our brave firefighters.

Patty S

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

My thermometer in shade topped out at 103F yesterday. Ugh.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

And it will be worse, today. 91 at 8:00 am here in N. San Diego county, and I'm about 6-7 miles from the beach. :-(

Patty S.

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in Santa Monica it's currently 95 degrees, 4% humidity and it's 10:28am. Terrible. I'm trying to create as much humidity as possible by spraying the ground and misting. Totally gross.

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

In Atwater Village (near Glendale in LA) it's 96 degrees and going up. Just gave the tomatoes a big drink and keeping an eye on the other veggies. Even my CA wildflowers are shriveling and they are natives. Might get out the shadecloth again for the vegetable garden....

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

97 here again......

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Slow jane is it possible that your wildflowers are just done for the season? I know weed pressure goes off in my garden now even though there is water because the wild plants have their own timing watering them won't change that too much and could perhaps give them problems.

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Yes it gets hot, does it every year here. Our resort people look forward to their clients from the foggy coast coming here to warm up. For us who work outside, ( don't lay around the pool) about 6 AM is a lovely time to do your weeding and watering. Al

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

rustico i don't think they're done - they should still be growing - haven't reached their full heights yet i don't think. it is mostly clarkia unguicula and they are only 2 feet tall or so - seed i planted earlier in the season in a different spot reached 4 feet tall. i think this heat wave will be the end of them for the year ...

was wondering if i should water them - to try to cool them off - their leaves are curling, and blossoms shriveling. even my poppies are curling, leaves drooping and flowers shriveled since this morning. ;(

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Well,today was 90f again..with 30% humidity. I told the guy at the nursery that in the car (with the hazy high fog) it didn't LOOK hot outside. Then,step out of the car- is hot.
The bay area having hot and hazy,some humidity. Pretty rare that's not so rare anymore.
And only MAY!

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99 high yesterday 112 today says my wireless thermometer.
Was 68 at 5am this morning.
Summer starts when...June 21! Yikes.

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slowjane CA/ Sunset 21

95 inside the house yesterday....time to buy that ac unit for the window. ;) (i wonder if there's even one left on the shelf at home depot)

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On May 15 in Mira Mesa township of San Diego my weather station thermometer hit 121 humidity of 2%. DUring this heat wave I have had to water my potatoes and tomatoes about an inch of water twice a day. They made it through ok.

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So glad it has cooled a bit in So CA. We are still having nice June gloom mornings, but that won't last the summer, of course.

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We are fortunate to live in a wonderful climate. If you are not a Californian, what socks12345 is referring to is the normal weather cycle we get in So. Cal. We call it the May Grey and June Gloom. During this period there is a bank of low level clouds that sits passively over the Pacific Ocean. At night when it cools off the bank rolls in over land. During May we might have a half a dozen days where the clouds do not burn off, but normally they burn off by about 10:00 AM.

This is great for gardeners because the seedlings that are transplanted get about 4 hours of filtered light and 6-8 of full sun. this is very gentle on the seedlings but they grow at the same rate as full sun plants without too much heat stress.

However, this year mother nature threw us a curve with 2 weeks of Santa Ana condition. This is when a high pressure cell over the desert (where it should be) pushes our beloved cloud bank out to sea and blasts us with powerful hot winds. I'm sure you've heard about the fires. so we got hit hard as I mentioned in my post above I had to water some plants twice a day.

The hot air moving is a double whammy because it rapidly dries everything out, including mulch and soil moisture. hopefully this is a rare occurrence as the usual Santa Ana's come in late Sep. to Dec. Plants are well established by then. Do any other Prune Pickers out there have anything to add?

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