what does ' bubble gas through the water' mean in this context?

xinlai-gwAugust 19, 2008


I was wondering if someone could take a look for me, what does " bubble gas through the water" mean in this context?

Thanks for your help.

Professor ... So, if you just stick rye plants in water, it doesn't make a difference how much fertilizer you add, ( you also need to bubble gas through the water, ) so they have access to that oxyen. If they don't have that, they're in big trouble. Ok, so this guy - this scientist - grew a rye plant in water so he could see the root system how big it got - its surface area. ...

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garnet69(6A S.Ont)

What he's referring to is oxygenating the water. You can oxygenate water by pushing air (which is a gas) into or through water which would then form the bubbles. This adds oxygen to water which in this case would be required for healthy growth.

I'm no scientist but that's what my take is on it.

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casper1(5/6- -10F Ont)

If you have ever had an aquarium, and a pump with an air stone your problem is solved. Good luck.

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Look up hydrophonics. Growing plants in pure water.

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