Anemone from seed?

mamahoohoo(2a Regina SK)August 17, 2007

A friend gave me a little puff of seeds from her snowball anemones this summer, and I'm looking for advice on how to sow them. Winters are *cold* here, and she doesn't have a whole bunch of self-seeded plants so I don't think that fall sowing is the best idea. Should they be winter sown? plopped on the ground in the spring? started inside? is it normal for them to be *this* tiny? (they feel like fine chaff caught in a cotton ball)

How about lighting? I know they prefer some shade, but will they be ok in direct sun? Shade is at a premium in my yard, and is mostly used up by 'people stuff'. lol

I'd love any advice you can offer!


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cindra(z5b Ont)

Hi Vikki!
Sow seeds from Snowdrop Anemones indoors in February. Cover the seeds lightly (not deep) just barely with soil mix. You can expect germination to be very slow and sporadic. You can sow them outdoors during the fall as well and they may or may not bloom the first year. Also they will grow in a spot were they receive a half to full day of sun provided you keep the soil moist. My experience is that they grow best in full sun with moist soil but the flowers don't last as long. I prefer to grow them in partial sun, either morning or afternoon it doesn't seem to matter. The most important thing is to keep the soil moist so mulching helps a lot.

Hope this helps!

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mamahoohoo(2a Regina SK)

Awesome, thank you so much! I normally don't water anything except the veggies unless it's scorching hot and dry, but I suppose I can divert a few ml from the rain barrel.

I think I've even figured out where to put 'em!

Thanks again,

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