worm invasion!! they are chewing up my cannas

patrick45(7)August 21, 2007

well, since I cant show a picture ill tell you all what is happening, for a while the cannas have been acting weird and now the leaves are curling up into tubes and folding up and the tubes are bending around into all these weird shapes and the leaves have chew marks on them and when I opened a fold on the canna i found this big, white glazed over worm, like it was in some white liquid sack, it was like 2 inches long! what should I do?? I have a rose bush right cramped up against them and I have yellow cannas in the back and red cannas ( the ones that are being attacked ) in the front! what should I do??

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There are soap solution cures for insect pests. The soap doesn't kill the plants, but the pests die. For some insect pests, it doesn't work and you may need to use something more lethal. The worms gotta eat. True, they're eating your Canna, but if you taint their food, you may be rid of them soon. You are in TX, so don't expect Winter to rid you of the problem. These may be some sort of beetle larvae and if you don't kill 'em, it'll just get worse and be perpetual.

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I just cut mine down after finding the worms. All along I thought my husband wasn't watering properly.

Look for info on how to get rid of leaf rollers.

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