The first 'mater!!

bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)August 8, 2006

Yum - we just had the first tomato of the year. 'Miracle Sweet'. It's a bit later than in other years because we've had less sun to ripen things up, but it was super tasty! The heirlooms are big and fat and still green, they usually start coming in a week or two after the 'Miracle Sweet' starts.

So far it's looking like it'll be a good year. The squirrels haven't gotten a single one (thanks to the cage I built), and I haven't got any tomatoes showing any signs of BER (blossom end rot), which is something I see on at least one or two 'maters every year.



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Only the little cherry tomatoes are ripe in my garden
But the tomato plants do look terrific. Lots of big fat green tomatoes.
Can't wait.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

I got another one today, and there'll be another one tomorrow :-). I didn't grow any cherry types this year, but the 'Miracle Sweet' is on the small side for a regular tomato. I've got six varities and most of them look good, so hopefully I'll be rolling in them soon! It's funny - I have fewer fruits this year (the heat was affecting the fruit setting I think), but since I have protected them I'll have the biggest crop ever!

I actually planted seven different sorts, but one sort hasn't set any fruit at all - even if it starts setting now, it'll be too late. Generally anything that sets after the first week of August won't ripen in time. I won't be trying that one again!

I've got to remember to go out today and hack off the tops of the plants - I want to get those plants focused on the 'maters!


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