peaches20(6 PA)May 8, 2009

Hi All,

I'm new to the agaves and bought a small one which is about the size of a silver dollar. I planted it in miracle grow potting mix and put it on the window ledge which gets bright sunlight early morning and early afternoon.

A couple of leaves are turning yellow. Is this due to not enough water to much water, to much sun?

I'd hate to lose this.



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stevenwayne(6 sw)

yellow normally means to much water

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

You might want to add some pearlite or sand to the mix. The potting soil might be holding the water too much. Agaves are like succulents, they do like the drainage AND they do not like too much fertilizer and the miracle grow has maybe too much of that also. They like life kinda lean. Do you know the kind of agave because some are desert guys and some are subtropical. There is a lot of variation in the species.

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peaches20(6 PA)

Hi All,

Thanks for the advice. It looks like I'll be replanting my agave. I actually have the agve verschafeltii v. minima.

Thanks for the help.


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