i whack jade and other cool pix of stuff

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)May 17, 2012

Whacked this, stood it up and repotted.

A little more whacking might be in order.

But pretty trick, it is now.

Repotted this monster.

One more picture of the 2 jades.

Sunk these older cuttings into bonsai-land.

Here's some flowering epis

and one of my amarylis.

Amarylis kept outside will flower now in Cali.

Nice complement to the epis.

Thanks for the advice and thanks for looking!

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Gorgeous! I can't wait until my jades grow up so I can have them look like trees. The Epi blooms are fantastic, especially your bright pink one.

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I don't think I've ever seen an Epi bloom quite the shade of pink that you have, that's a nice flower! Thanks for sharing.


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Im really not that attracted to jades ... but yours are beautiful! I love the thiker base and how it is trimmed

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