storing canna for winter

plantgnome(6b//7)September 11, 2011

I have several canna plants which were planted too late and didn't flower and then were shredded by hurricane irene-since they won't be flowering this year, can I dig them up now in september for storage or do I have to wait?

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I would suggest that you do not dig at this time; remove as much of the shredded foliage as needed but allow the rhizome to recover from the stress. Hopefully new growth will soon begin and the plant will continue to produce new tuber growth. We need to allow the underground rhizome to store as much energy as possible for the winter storage period. Do a search at the bottom of page for "winter storage suggestions". You will find a great deal of information. I do not know how soon you will have a killing frost, but sometime after that would be the time to lift your plants for storage.

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