when to take and how to store cannas?

zinnia_bloomsSeptember 19, 2009

i have some cannas that i would like to have for next year dont know if there hardy or not , when do you cut them dig them up and how to store them anyone help ?

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Cannas must be protected from freezing. See below:
Digging and storing cannas has been discussed in several threads. Do a search for "Canna Storage Suggestions" or follow the link:
Remember that each of us has their own particular circumstances and one may need to modify the suggestions to fit their needs and abilities.
In zone 6 and colder, you will likely need to dig your cannas and divide the clumps and replant in the spring after danger of frost has passed; in zone 7 some are able to mulch well and leave their cannas in the ground (do not leave in exposed containers).


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