Seedling Cannas?

theodosiaunderwoodSeptember 2, 2011

I haven't raised any cannas in my zone 5 garden for quite a few years. Yet, I will still occasionally have one come up in the garden. It has always been too late for them to mature and bloom. However, this year, I have one that may make it.

1. At first, I thought this was due to small pieces of rhizome left deep in the ground below frost line, but that would only explain the first year.

2. Are the seeds very hard and long-lived? Perhaps they have been in the ground waiting for idea conditions to germinate?


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Fully mature canna seed can survive for an extended time providing the pathogens cannot penetrate the hard seed coat. I have seen fallow ground produce canna seedlings years after the area was devoid of cultivated cannas. I suspect the acidity of the soil ultimately breaks down the seed coat and if conditions allow, the seed will germinate. This occurrence proves to be a problem for the commercial growers because they often plant a new crop on old canna ground. The resulting seedlings, if not rogued out, will be harvested with the planted cultivar and the customer gets something not wanted.

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Thanks Kent,
It has been many years since I've had cannas. In fact, I cannot even remember the variety, or even the color that I had. However, I will probably--out of curiosity--baby this seedling along to see what comes of it.
Thanks Again,

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