best solar bird fountain?

lucia_ca(z9 CA)May 1, 2010


I see some past discussion on solar fountain looks like an OASE external pump (one not sitting in the water) is recommended. Has anyone had direct experience with these? ...and/or know where to buy one?

I'd like a bird bath with moving water because it's my understanding that moving water will attract more birds. It needs to be solar because there is no electrical where I want to place it.

Anyone have specific recommendations on either building your own fountain and buying a separate pump or buying an all-in-one solar fountain?

If you have specific vendors/sites to recommend, feel free to email me directly, too.



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buddyben(z9 CA/Sunset 20)

I have a fountain without a pump and the birds have never had a problem being attracted to it. Of course, they are in my yard already eating the bird seed. I used to use solar pumps but they cost alot and never lasted very long. Plus it was tedious to keep cleaning the algae and other gunk inside of them. I finally gave up on pumps. Now I just empty out the water and give the bath a quick scrubbing with a brush every day or two.
Now if I want to hear the sound of moving water, I play my CD of a babbling brook on my CD player that I keep on my patio. It's also my anti-noisy neighbor strategy.

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