Stuttgart s t r e t c h e d !

nucci60(6 Ma.)September 11, 2007

In an effort to cut downon the scorching of the leaves,I have moved my Stuttgarts to ever shady areas. The result is a very gangly stretched out unatractive appearance.I can't find the middle ground with this canna. Epsom salts does not help.I even sprayed one leaf with wilt-pruf and that did nothing but turn the leaf yellowish.Keeping it constantly moist.

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My stuttgart is planted in almost total shade. It is also stretched and the leaves are still burning. Now I know why I never see this plant down here in south Louisiana. I guess it's too hot.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

southlatropical, this must go on with the famous AE AE banana too. the leaf composition and colors are nearly identical.It must hold true for most white variegated plants.My variegated phlox nora leigh also burns on the white parts.One poster (marquest)seems to have luck in full sun with no drainage holes and standing water.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I am still here and puzzled. I do not understand why people have so much trouble with this Canna. We had an unusual summer with temps above 90 for months and I still did not get burns this year.

The first year I had some burning. None since. I think it is a gardener's teaching that plants will rot if they grow in as much water as I am growing my Cannas.

Admittedly I stumbled on this method out of desperation. I travel often I leave on Mondays and return Fridays. I am not home to water everyday. This schedule can go on for 3 wks. So I started with drainage holes but brought the cheap baby diapers 1.99 at Big lots. Soaked them for an hour and would take the jello stuff out and mixed it with the soil. The pots were still dry when I returned on Friday.

That is when I went to no drainage, diapers, and filling the pots with water and 3/4 soil.

For those that want and can grow them in the ground all year. I would dig a hole lay a garbage bag in the planting area and go with the diaper, soil, water mixture and water daily.

I am not only using the over water process with Stuey, I use it with all my cannas because I cannot water every day. They are beautiful.

By the way..I brought this canna from a water garden site. So I suspect that is why it responds to more water than soil treatment. I do not know why the others like it also. Maybe all cannas are water hogs it is just stuttgart shows how unhappy it is by burning leaves.

So I guess I am saying either treat it as a water plant or learn to love burned leaves.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

Marquest, I am going to try your method next spring (without diapers).You really seem to be one of the few who have luck with this canna.My others are beautiful and don't have to be soaked.Your right though, it is the perception that too much water causes rot, that scares people away.

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