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cannasrusSeptember 16, 2013

I have big seed pods that come up empty? why is this happening ? are there male and female bulbs ? I only have one this year and I was hoping to grow next years stock from seed. I have also had problems keeping their bulbs over the winter, in a warm garage???

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A number of our hybrid cultivars including Australia are unable to produce viable seed. Keep in mind that even if they do produce seed they are not true to name.

The typical reason these cultivars are sterile has to do with their breeding. They are a result of a cross that produced an odd number of chromosomes. They are called triploid offspring. A triploid is described as having three times the haploid number of chromosomes. The upside of these crosses is that the offspring typically produces superior size blooms.

Cultivars that typically produce viable seed are diploids. Many may be familiar with the result of a cross between a horse and a donkey. This cross will give us a mule. Mules are sterile but made excellent choices in some areas as draft animals.

Storage issues will need more information as to what you did after digging.


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I agree with Kent, BUT just like a mule every so often one isn't sterile and will produce seed. I have a friend who crossed pretoria when everyone said it wouldn't due to the triploid factor. there is a HIGH chance you will never get seed but always check the pods anyway for good measure

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Thanks, I have kept 2 under lights this winter and they look great and ready for summer.

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